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Tisa serengeti adventure Safari package team

Our Partners:

  • Managing Director. Friendly who respond immediately to you email inquire and help to plan your trip, where to go, where to stay and meeting your budget.
  • Reservation. Professional who take care of everything, planning, transfers, flights, hotels, resorts and camping. Give you follow up instructions  pre departure for sure you will enjoy your trip.
  • Tour guide. The big bonus of a knowledgeable,friendly and attentive who will show you the wonders of Tanzania and your needs.
  • Driver; very experienced, expert and careful, always willing to look for the best spot for you to view.
  • vehicles 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers with roof openings for good viewing.

Terms and conditions

Any changes of cost happen prior indication Tisa Serengeti Adventure will cover for it. You suppose to pay deposit of 50% of total cost and fully prior departure from your home destination

Limitation of Liability.

If you use other suppliers apart from our safari services. Tisa Serengeti Adventure will not be responsible for any kind of Injury, Accident, Delay, fail or omission of services provided.


Your discount fare restrict to booked safari itenary any change of arrangement will require additional money

Refund for unused services.

Tisa serengeti adventure has trust account as law require. We don’t refund you on the services that you will not fully utilize as indicated in the safari package. This services includes accommodation,meals,sightseeing tours, transport or any other service. But don’t worry you will be provided best service ever. Upon cancellation of safari services without violation of terms and condition and the Tanzania laws as you will be refunded your fully amount.


Tisa Serengeti Adventure will not be responsible or make special arrangement in case of change/delay to departure or Arrival time as shown in the website. As this happen due to air traffic control restrictions, weather condition, operational/maintenance requirement, customer fail to check in on time.

Risks and Indemnity.

You advised to follow instructions and guidance from Tour guides, Game Rangers and Camp managers to practise all safety procedures.Tisa Serengeti Adventure will not be responsible to any risk or danger such as bodily harm, death and or loss associated with close encounters with dangerous wild Animals and/or Reptiles, birds, disrupt of migratory patterns while in safari activities as well stay in camp or safari lodges.

Force Majeure

Any circumstance beyond the reason control of Tisa Serengeti Adventure .Including but without limitation, acts of nature, explosion,flood,tempest, fire,accident and war or threat of war. Furthermore, sabotage, terrorism,civil disturbance,requisition,sickness and Quarantine. And also,Government intervention,weather conditions or other untoward occurrence. Tisa Serengeti Adventure shall not deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions or otherwise be liable to you due to force majeure.

Safari Documents.

You are advised to make sure that your safari documents,visa and Inoculations etc are in order prior to departure. Tisa Serengeti Adventure will not be liable if you fail to have the required document.

Luggage on Kilimanjaro.

You are restricted to  maximum of 20 kg luggage. And also, only soft duffed bags will be accepted. Weight acceptably includes camera,body cream,snacks,water,and also, trekking wares,walking sticks and hand luggage etc.

You hereby declare that you have fully read, understood and accept the above terms and conditions. On behalf of all Travelers accompanying you on this trip.

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