7 Day Best Kilimanjaro route – Rongai Route in Moshi.

7 Day Best Kilimanjaro route – Rongai Route in Moshi. Experience Mt. Kilimanjaro Snow-caped Mountain. Also the highest mountain in Africa. from Rongai gate, the only route approaches Kilimanjaro from North close to Kenya border. This is the route with low traffic and good during rain season as it receive low precipitation. This is for the one who need to hike a little to remote with gradual slope than the other mountain’s route.

Day 1:From Nalemuru Gate to Simba Camp

In the morning after break fast, our guide and a mountain support crew will meet you in arusha or place of your stay. There after, they will give you a short brief. Then you will travel by vehicle to Kilimanjaro National Park’s northern entrance, Nalemuru Gate (2,020 m). After the quick registration you will start trek that will take you through coniferous forest up Kilimanjaro’s northern slope up to Simba camp for overnight.

Day 2:From Simba Camp to Second Cave Camp

Early in the morning after breakfas. You will depart from Simba Camp to start trekking towards your second high altitude camp, Second Cave Camp (3,480 m). This route is rather easy and will only take around 3 hours. So when you reach the camp you will still have ample time to rest and explore the surrounding area.

Day 3: second camp caves to kikelewa cave(3600m)

Early in the morning after breakfast you will have breakfast and start climbing while on the way you will have a great view of mountain this  route will pass you through the second cave to Kikelewa Cave camp.

Day 4:Kikelewa cave to Mawenzi tarn camp(4330)

On your third day, you will enjoy a short but steep trail to Mawenzi tarn camp in the moorland where you enjoy and view exotic plants such as giant lobelia and groundsel.

Day 5:Mawenzi tarn camp to kibo hut(4700m)

After breakfast, you will continue ascending east for a half-day hike to Kibo Hut which is located in the “Saddle,” which refers to the area located between the peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo in an alpine desert. Your guide will brief you in detail on how to prepare for summit night.

Day 6: Kibo hut camp – Summit(Uhuru Peak)5896m – Horombo Camp

You will wake up early in the midnight and start climbing to reach Gilman’s Point (5681m) in time to have a wonderful view of sunrise. After that you will continue to the top of world’s largest freestanding mountain (Uhuru peak) where you will ave a wonderful moment and take more photos. Thereafter you will descend to the Horombo hut campsite for overnight.

Day 7: Horombo Camp Marangu gate.

Early in the morning you will start your descent trip to Marangu gate passing through Mandara hut with a view of flora and fauna. In the gate you be registered and awarded the certificate, if you will manage to get to the summit Uhuru peak you will have a gold certificate and if your managed to end at Gilman’s point you will be awarded the green certificate. After that you will be driven back to Arusha or airport

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